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Braavo! Enterprises is a music and multimedia business located in Los Angeles, CA. We provide music education services, such as piano lessons and music composition instruction, as well as production of music instruction and entertainment products.

Braavo! Enterprises is committed to revitalizing classical music to its idiomatic and emotional roots. We believe that music is a language of emotional communication - and the best way to restore its greatness is to teach and raise a new generation of children who understand and appreciate its vocabulary of powerful expressions.

Sheila Bazleh

Sheila Bazleh - Co-Founder

Sheila Bazleh studied Piano Performance at The Royal Academy of Music in London, and later Music Composition at USC with David Raksin. Early in her piano teaching career, Sheila felt a gap in systematic piano literature for beginners and children, so she began composing pieces for her students on an as-needed basis. Eventually, she put her compositions together to form the foundation of her own piano method. After meeting her husband Aleksey Nikolsky, they combined their approaches to form the Synergo Music Method, a unique idiomatic approach to teaching piano. Sheila is also an amateur painter, specializing in portraits. Sheila is responsible for overseeing the artistic and visual components of Braavo's projects.

Aleksey Nikolsky

Aleksey Nikolsky, Ph.D - Co-Founder

Aleksey Nikolsky is a Russian composer, musicologist, and specialist in psychoacoustics and developmental cognitive sciences. He holds a Ph.D in Composition and Music Theory from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, as well as a Masters in Pedagogy, Music Theory, and Piano from the Moscow Schnittke Institute of Music. After many years of private research, Aleksey developed an innovative idiomatic approach to teaching music together with his wife Sheila Bazleh, also a composer. Aleksey brings his enormous knowledge and experience to Braavo! Enterprises in creating and developing the foundations of the numerous music programs Braavo! offers.